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Gay Marriage and Gun Rights

A report on seems to have found a silver lining in last Friday’s Obergefell decision on gay marriage. The author points out that the Court found the right to gay marriage in Section 1 of the 14th Amendment: “No … Continue reading

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Making Student Loans Dependent on Ability to Repay – What a Novel Concept

In my last post on this subject, I discussed the rise of for-profit schools and other non-traditional sources of education which can serve as a way to expand educational opportunities at a lower cost to the taxpayer. In a blow … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Some Creative Destruction in Education

Let’s talk about education, not in terms of how much it costs or who’s footing the bill. Let’s talk about education in terms of what it’s for, how it’s currently achieved and how it can be done better. And by … Continue reading

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IL Supreme Court Compels Disclosure of Internet Troll’s Identity

On June 18, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a ruling that requires Comcast to disclose the identity of an anonymous commenter to a newspaper website. The facts as stated by the Court are as follows: “On December 28, 2011, the … Continue reading

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Updates on Previous Posts

Today’s Northwest Herald has 3 stories that touch on matters that I’ve discussed in previous posts: County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller is putting together a 5 member commission to devise the means by which a referendum reducing the number of … Continue reading

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Pot, Meet Kettle

Speaker Mike Madigan held a press conference yesterday and addressed Governor Rauner’s latest ad blitz in support of his “Turnaround Agenda”, the point of which was to label the ads as “extreme”. Illinois Review has a good summary of the … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Common Core

Have your kids come home from school recently and said that they have to measure your family’s carbon footprint and come up with ways to shrink it? This is one assignment described in a recent Wall Street Journal article (behind … Continue reading

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