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How Should Illinois Pay for Education?

After pensions, the biggest issue facing Illinois taxpayers (at least, until the impending Medicaid crisis overtakes it) is education funding. How we fund our schools has an impact at every level of government, from the fight over allocation of Federal … Continue reading

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Stop Giving Public Money to Planned Parenthood

With new revelations coming out practically every day about Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling fetal tissue, pressure is building to stop government funding of the organization. Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million in federal funding every year, and the Illinois … Continue reading

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The Albatross Around Illinois’ Neck

When talking about the pension problem in Illinois, everyone focuses on the $100 or so billion underfunding. But the problem is not just the underfunding, it’s the amount the state needs to contribute to the plans each year to move … Continue reading

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Selling Fetal Tissue, It’s Just Business, Sonny

A second video by the Center for Medical Progress has surfaced showing negotiations between Planned Parenthood abortion doctor and an actor posing as a potential buyer of fetal body parts. The video starts with a statement by Planned Parenthood CEO … Continue reading

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Finding Out What’s In a Contract Before You Have to Pay For It

In 2014, Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) sponsored a bill (H.B. 4268) that would have provided transparency to the collective bargaining process between school districts and their union employees. The bill was co-sponsored by 3 of McHenry County’s representatives: Mike Tryon … Continue reading

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Will the Gay Marriage Winners Just Take “Yes” for an Answer?

So the Supreme Court has spoken, and gay marriage is the law of the land. Those of us who stood up for traditional marriage must learn to take “no” for an answer. But the bigger question is: will the winning … Continue reading

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Let Marva Collins’ Passing Inspire Education Reform in Illinois

Marva Collins, a substitute teacher who cashed in her $5,000 in pension savings and opened Westside Preparatory School in Chicago in 1975, and whose success at educating poor black students made her a national figure, a candidate for secretary of … Continue reading

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