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If Hypocrisy Was Helium, We’d All Be Talking With Funny Voices

Last Wednesday, this sign graced a number of desks on the Democrat side of the aisle and greeted Governor Rauner as he entered the Speaker’s well of the Illinois House to give his annual budget address. During the speech there … Continue reading

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Giving Seniors a Break on Taxes

Illinois taxpayers get a bit of property tax relief through a credit off their income taxes equal to 5% of the taxes paid on their principal residences. For instance, taxpayers paying $5,000 in property taxes will get a credit against … Continue reading

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Putting the Brakes on Unfunded Mandates

The biggest issue in the past election was the out-of-control property taxes that are driving businesses and residents out of McHenry County and out of Illinois. I ran on a promise that I’d do my best to bring down that … Continue reading

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