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Don’t Stick the Locals With Springfield’s Problems

In my last episode of “Riding Shotgun With Steve”, I said I’d be in favor of getting rid of PTELL for education. Before the torches and pitchforks show up on my front lawn, I want to explain the reasons why. … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water, at Least Not Yet

With the session drawing to a close, the two big items looming over us are the budget and finding a new formula for funding education. While the Governor and Speaker continue to circle each other like turkeys circling a dead … Continue reading

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Frustrated? Call (217) 782-5350. Ask for Mike.

We have 19 days until the end of the legislative session, and how have we spent the month of May so far? We didn’t meet at all during the first week, and this past week was spent passing resolutions and … Continue reading

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Riding Shotgun With Steve

It’s a 3-1/2 hour drive back and forth from Woodstock to Springfield, so I landed on the bright idea of recording my thoughts on my time in the General Assembly on video.* I’m calling the videos “Riding Shotgun With Steve”, … Continue reading

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A $10 Million Boondoggle You’re Going to Pay For

Last week, the Democrats in the House rammed through a piece of legislation (HB 2622) in which the state will loan $10 million to a new “public” workers’ comp insurance company to compete with the over 300 companies now licensed … Continue reading

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