The 2014 election in Illinois was a watershed. A state standing on the brink of insolvency decided to elect a Governor with no political experience, but with the message “Shake Up Springfield, Bring Back Illinois”.

Unfortunately, in a wave year where Republicans won majorities nationwide, that wave crashed on the rocks of the Democratic super-majorities in both houses of the General Assembly. The Republicans picked up only one seat in the Senate, and Mike Madigan kept his exact 3/5 super-majority in the House. I had run for the House in the 63rd District, and crashed on those rocks.

It appears that the problems plaguing Illinois are not going to be solved any time soon, as the Governor and the Legislature are at loggerheads over everything from workers’ comp, pensions, right to work and the minimum wage.

Losing the election didn’t mean that I’d lose interest in what’s going on in this State. I ran because I wanted to do something to improve things, and this blog is my way of hopefully having some small impact on policy in Illinois.

As Edmund Burke said: “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

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  1. Barb Forbish says:

    Hi Steve ~
    as you may remember, i’m 1 of the 7 people in the world who doesn’t do facebook, but am hopping this will somehow make it to you…
    saw on the local rags headlines you WILL be on the tickets ~ MANY, MANY congrats… sadly we won’t be able to vote for you this time, but perhaps next election you’ll be able to kick the posterior of the 2nd biggest wind sleeping in the state house, little jackie franks, back to being a civilian! Lord knows he’s done waaaaaaaay too much damage already under the tutelage of his master ~ master snorer, madigan.
    Good luck & go with God ~


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