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Don’t Stick the Locals With Springfield’s Problems

In my last episode of “Riding Shotgun With Steve”, I said I’d be in favor of getting rid of PTELL for education. Before the torches and pitchforks show up on my front lawn, I want to explain the reasons why. … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water, at Least Not Yet

With the session drawing to a close, the two big items looming over us are the budget and finding a new formula for funding education. While the Governor and Speaker continue to circle each other like turkeys circling a dead … Continue reading

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Illinoyances is Taking the Summer Off

**UPDATE** Well, I’ve been sworn in, so now it’s time to fire up Illinoyances once again. I’ve also got a legislative website which will contain press releases and things of general interest. But this site will hopefully give you some … Continue reading

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Illinois Can’t Balance It’s Budget by Taxing Retirement Income

Back in December, the Northwest Herald ran a story about a proposal to make retirement income subject to Illinois income tax. On December 2, Rep. Dave McSweeney sponsored House Resolution 890, which states that: “We state our belief that the … Continue reading

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