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Senator Manar Puts Lipstick on a Pig

In today’s Crain’s Chicago Business, Senator Andy Manar wrote an article about Senate Bill 1, a bill creating a new formula for funding education based upon what is called the “evidence-based model”. Simply stated EBM is a 27-step formula that … Continue reading

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Don’t Stick the Locals With Springfield’s Problems

In my last episode of “Riding Shotgun With Steve”, I said I’d be in favor of getting rid of PTELL for education. Before the torches and pitchforks show up on my front lawn, I want to explain the reasons why. … Continue reading

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The Governor’s SOTS Speech, What He Said and What He Didn’t Say

Every “State of” speech I’ve ever heard follows the same script: A recitation of accomplishments achieved since the previous speech; A shopping list of proposals to be addressed before the next one; and A reminder that those who stand in … Continue reading

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Education Part V: Property Taxes, the Well Has Gone Dry

“The State has the primary responsibility for financing the system of public education.” Constitution of Illinois, Article X, Section 1 Question: Why do property taxes keep going up? Answer: Because they can. Over the past several posts, I’ve discussed the … Continue reading

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A Tax Freeze With No Relief

The Illinois House will hold hearings today on a Democrat-sponsored bill to freeze real estate taxes. The bill, (HB 690) is sponsored by Jack Franks (D, Marengo). Without getting too much into the weeds of the bill, the thing to … Continue reading

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